About Me

Hello everyone,

My name is Divya Pillai and like every woman I love simple things in life that make me happy. Of course, somethings don’t come free but that’s where the fun part is. Like makeup. Lipsticks are my weakness when it comes to makeup and I have been a lipstick hoarder since I was a teenager. So I thought why not blog about these beauties I hoard and I am aware there are like minded women who would enjoy reading them and looking at swatches. For me it’s therapy.
Gardening is also therapeutic. It’s amazing how a single seed you sow germinates into a beautiful plant that gives you colour, smell and aesthetic calmness. Indeed it’s a miracle how gardening is a natural creative canvas that calms you both mentally and physically. What you sow, you reap. My blog on gardening is mainly aimed to help introduce you to your green thumb and also enjoy the benefits of going organic.
Another energizing aspect of my life are dogs. I love dogs and can’t exist without them in this lifetime. My baby Lady Peaches will entice you too through my  blogs and you will know why.  Love baking, and i have a few awesome recipes from all over the world that i have learnt, followed and saved to share with you too.
The purple cycle depicts my thought process of my wonderful journey that will take you through so many beautiful topics not limiting itself to one and give you a sneak peak about new things in life and archive the old one’s.
Thoughts, time and  ideas are limitless and similarly I would like to share these thoughts through my endless blog diary and talk about simple things that interests me and makes me happy. I hope it will make you happy too.

Cheers and happy reading.