Colourpop Fall Edit Collection 2016

“The beauty of your passion is the colours of your belief”.

– Israelmore Ayivor, You can rise (writer)


My obsession with colour and my passion with lipsticks walk hand in hand. This is a never ending journey. I am carrying forward this passion to introduce you to yet another Colourpop cosmetics haul. I apologise that even after the new year has passed by two months, I haven’t uploaded a single blog. But better late than never and let’s begin with this lipstick haul.

Briefly describing, these kits have some wonderful mixture of Ultra matte and Ultra satin that are new and fresh. Colourpop dropped in the Fall Edit collection just in time compared to other brands in October 2016. The brand introduced three colours in their fall edit collection – Plum, Terracotta and Dusty rose. These are available in the form of Ultra Matte lipsticks, Ultra Satin lipsticks, Lippie stix, Ultra glossy lip, Lippie pencil, pearlised blush and super shock shadows. The kits released during that time are Up and Away, Can you Knot, Out and About and Zingara, still available on the website.

I love Terracotta and dusty rose colours in lipsticks and therefore I purchased the Up and Away and Out and About lip bundle. I did not purchase the Can you Knot lip bundle, lippie stixs and pencils as I am not inclined towards darker shades. But I did purchase the eyeshadow and the blush in my subsequent hauls that I will surely discuss in the future.

What I  purchased:

1.Out and About Lip bundle: The Out and About Lip bundle has dusty rose lipstick shades. The kit costed me $15. The lip bundle consist of two Ultra matte lipsticks and one ultra satin lip. The applicators on both the matte and satin lipsticks are the same. They are a doe foot applicator and helps in easy application of the product. The ultra matte dries completely therefore the lips need to be exfoliated before hand for  comfort in wearing the Ultra matte lipsticks. The Ultra Satin lipsticks on the other hand as the name suggests are satin in texture and they do not dry completely. But they do transfer unlike the matte one’s. The colours are described below:




  • Viper – Viper is an Ultra Matte lipstick. It is described as a true dusty rose colour. I love this shade and it perfectly suits my medium tan Indian skin tone in MAC NC 44.5.
  • Times square – This is an Ultra Matte formula. It is described as a muted pink beige colour. For my skin tone its a tad bit light but it dries a bit darker than the lipstick in the bottle. Hence I just need to apply a darker lip liner underneath to accentuate the true colour without washing me out.
  • Baracuda – Baracuda in one of my favourite shades I know out of all the lipsticks in my collection. Its an Ultra Satin lipsticks in the colour warm deepened rose. On me its my perfect MLBB (My Lips But Better) shade. I am in love with this shade for sure.


2.Up and Away Lip bundle: This Lip bundle has more of terracotta shades. The lip bundle consist of two Ultra matte lipsticks and one ultra satin lip. The colours are described below:


  • Lovebug – This liquid lipstick is an Ultra matte formula. The colour is described by Colourpop as a rich Mahogany shade. It is a dark lipstick shade and will suit all skin tones. Especially on darker skin tones, darker than me, it will look stunning. It is indeed a brilliant and unique shade.
  • Mama – Mama is an Ultra Matte lip and is my favourite from the three in this bundle. It is described as a burnt orange. Its truly a burnt orange and will suit all skin tones. I usually shy away from oranges and violets. But this colour is a good one in case you want to start wearing orange lipsticks. I am living for it.
  • Calypso: Initially this was introduced as Gypsy. But due to some controversy the name was changed to Calypso. This colour is described as a mid tone pink. I love this shade when i saw it over the internet but on my skin tone its very light and washes me out. I have to work a lot on it so that it works for me. maybe line it underneath with a lipliner or use it in an ombre lip creation.


My Skin type: Dry to combination

Foundation: MAC NC 44.5

Where to buy from:

      1. ($6 per liquid lipstick or $15 per lip bundle +shipping+customs)
      2. (buy from colourpop to virtual address provided by this website + shipping charges + customs).
      3. (Rs.720 for liquid lipsticks – genuine stuff- based in Chennai)
      4. . 

Well, this is my mini haul of liquid lipsticks from November last year and i love it. I got it in November of 2016 and since then I have used it for a number of occasions. I totally recommend these lippes to you and grab them before they are gone. Of Course the Can you Knot collection is also beautiful in case you live for dark colours. I will show you the super shock shadows of this collection soon in my colourpop super shock shadow collection. Till then happy shopping until next time LIVE YOUR DREAMS AND KEEP SMILING….





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