Why I liked the Kylie Holiday Edition 2016

‘Love of beauty is taste.

The creation of beauty is art.’

– Ralph Waldo Emerson ( essayist, lecturer, poet 1803-1882)


Kylie cosmetics released their Holiday edition for 2016 in November. Kylie created a rage by releasing new lip kits, eyeshadow palette and for the first time new brushes. The products were available to the people from November 2016. The range also attracted crowds with their new beautiful silver packaging screaming christmas. The combination of Silver and white in their packaging was so beautifully unique. I couldn’t resist myself to buy a few from her winter collection. Of Course my indulgence cost me a bomb but i don’t regret. I am obsessed with Kylie cosmetics. My inclination to Kylie cosmetics has a touched a year now and probably forever.


Kylie did a great job releasing her birthday collection with gold on black accents in her packaging. The Holiday Edition too has a similar vibe with Silver and white accents that created a huge hype over the internet. It raised quite a few eyebrows and also slapped a few critics. However, the collection was huge and encompassed a lot of products creating a vibrant variety of products, ranging from Kyeshadow palette, Lip Kits, metallic lipsticks, glosses, creme eyeshadows and brushes. The collection could be purchased in many ways either singularly or in bundles available on her website. Before Christmas there was a 12 day to Christmas event on Kylie cosmetics wherein everyday there was something new to buy and something free with your purchase.



I chose to choose.  I initially purchased the 4 piece liquid lipstick set with all new shades, the Metallic liquid lipstick in Dancer and creme eyeshadow in Golden plum. Soon after the 12 day to christmas event began I missed the Lipstick Vault. But I managed to purchase the Burgundy palette with the Merry Lip kit free. I them got the 22 Lip kit along with a free lip kit pouch and free brushes. With so many things free on my list, I was so excited to receive all my christmas gifts and assemble them to make this review and use them as well. By the way most of the products are still available on the website and the rest have got sold out. But all the products are limited edition.

The doe foot applicator of the liquid lipsticks are the same as of the permanent one. The metallic liquid lipstick also has a doe foot applicator. The glosses are different with a different brush type of applicator.


My cart:

1.4 Piece set (SOLD OUT) – This set came with 4 new full size lipsticks. Two matte liquid lipsticks and  two glosses. The names are super cute. It comes in a silver pretty packaging with Kylie written in white.  The colours are pretty and new. There was a mini lip kit collection too that got sold out very quickly. It had Angel, Ginger, Love bite, Vixen, Moon and Kristen. All the shades except Angel and Vixen are from the permanent collection of Kylie cosmetics.





  • Blitzen – Blitzen in a matte liquid lipstick. Its a raspberry shade. This colour is similar to their permanent lip kit in the shade Spice. It looks very nice on my skin tone which is a MAC NC 44.

  • Angel – Angel is a new shade in this range. Its a very pretty pink nude shade matte liquid lipstick. I was a little skeptical to try this on my skin tone. To my pure astonishment this was absolutely stunning on my lips and i love this lip shade.

  • Cupid – This is a gloss in a rose gold shade with some shimmer. This looks good on its own on the lips. I prefer this over any lipstick to enhance the gloss colour.

  • Noel – This is a very gold shimmery gloss. I don’t like it as it is on my lips.  It is very light and shimmery. I would love to pair it over a matte lipstick.


2.Creme gel shadow – This is a creme gel eyeshadow in Plum golden. The shade is described as a mauve purple with golden shimmer. I love to apply this all over my lid as a base shade. It is very creamy and has very good coverage. I did not purchase the Golden creme eyeshadow single and the camo eyeshadow single. They are available on her website if you are interested. The outer packaging is a silver box with Kylie written in White. These retail for $20 each.



3. Metallic Liquid Lipstick in Dancer (SOLD OUT) – This metallic liquid lipstick in Dancer is absolutely gorgeous. I love this beautiful berry shade. This is my absolute favourite. It dries down to a complete matte. Dancer will suit any skin tone. It was a limited edition liquid metallic lipstick. There were other two shades in lip glosses Jolly and Naughty which were different shades of red to celebrate the holiday season. I wasn’t very keen on hoarding red to my collection. The packaging was to die for. It came in these cute cylindrical boxes that looked like ornaments that you could hang on a Christmas tree.





4. Merry Lip kit – Merry is a beautiful dark red matte liquid lipstick shade. It is a tad bit darker than Mary jo K and significantly different from Mary Jo K. The formula is similar to their permanent collection. I find this very wearable and it accentuates my skin colour. This lipstick is available on their website. I did not purchase the Vixen lip kit as it is very dark. I am not a vampy lipstick person. These retail for $30. The packaging in super cute. It comes in individual silver boxes with Kylie written on it in white with a look on the top to hang. They look like ornaments that you can hang on a christmas tree. This packaging was everything.




5.Brushes – Kylie released her new set of brushes. these came in a pouch packaging. The brushes are white in colour with Kylie written in Black. The quality of these brushes are good. I have used these brushes for my eye makeup in these pictures. These retail for $35. I am happy I got them free during the 12 Day to Christmas event on the website.







Apart from these there were the Kyeshadow palette that retailed for $42. This palette is still available on the website. She had released the Kyliner in white that also sold out quite quickly. A cosmetic makeup bag in silver, a stocking and a keychain that were also sold during that time. The keychain is out of stock though. However, you can still find the bag and the stocking on her website to buy.

I personally loved what i got. I waited for the right time and I got myself just what I wanted. This collection was something for everyone, every skin tone.  Its a huge hit. I see you Kylie.

If you want to buy these beauties you can still find the Kyshadow palette, Merry lip kit, creme eyeshadows, stocking, makeup bag and brushes on her website www.kyliecosmetics.com. She ships world wide including India. Or you can buy and ship it through www.shipoutfromusa.com.

I am going to be hooked on to her for the future. See you guys in my next blog. Till then Keep smiling and God Bless…

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