M.A.C. x Mariah Carey 2016 collection review Bling it on…

” All that glitters is not Gold”.

True, it is the Mac and Mariah Carey collection that literally glitters. It will spellbind you to another level of ecstasy. The MAC and Mariah Carey 2016 collection was released on December 8th 2016 as a part of the Holiday collection this year. Of course the MAC Nutcracker Sweet collection released by MAC for the holidays was everything, but MAC Mariah Carey 2016 Collection stole the limelight.

In MAC’s words, Mariah Carey, the chanteuse of the century brings her impeccable glamour to a makeup collection that’s all you’ll ever want and a lot more, with sexy nude tones sparkling like champagne and glimmering like diamonds!  Luxurious packaging in silver glitter with champagne gold accents and Mariah’s signature.

And holy mother of God, when they said “luxurious packaging in silver glitter with champagne gold accents”, I did not anticipate what I was going to see. I almost died. As a MAC fan since my college days, I have never seen packaging anything like this from MAC. Of course they had a packaging change of the lipsticks as mere colour change or pastels BUT GLITTER, SILVER, CHAMPAGNE ACCENTS… It was Love at first sight. I became a warrior of all sorts to be ready to fight my way through on the release day to pick up what I wanted just to add on to my collection.

It was a little disappointing when it came to lipsticks for Indian skin tones, medium to deeper complexions as there were no options except for the Lipstick in I Get so OOC. This was the darkest brown shade in the collection. But unfortunately it got sold out. I couldn’t get my hands on this one. The one that I managed to buy for myself is a pretty colour but light. If you pair a lipgloss over it like how Mariah Carey carries her lipstick, then it really looks fabulous.

The Collection:

  1. Five lipsticks in creme sheen –  Bit of Bubbly, Dahhlingg, I get so OOC, Mcizzle and All I want are the shades released.
  2. Two eyeshadow palettes – Its Everything and I’m That Chick You Like.
  3. Two blush powders – You’ve Got Me Feeling and Sweet Sweet Fantasy.
  4. Extra Dimension Skin Finish – My Mimi
  5. Loose Powder – Touch My Body
  6. 239 Eye Shader Brush
  7. 183 Buffer Brush
  8. Eye Lash – Don’t Shame Me
  9. Eye Lash – Its Like That Y’All
  10. Liquid Eyeliner – This Is My Night
  11. Pro Longwear Lip Pencil – So Dramatique
  12. Pro Longwear Lip Pencil – New Ombre
  13. Lipglass – Butterfly Bling (online exclusive), Little Miss Monroe, It’s Just Like Honey, Dreamlover, Rainbow Interlude

If you notice, the items in the collection are named after songs she has sung, the style in which she speaks and a mention about her daughter Miss Monroe. The best part of the collection apart from Mariah Carey is the packaging. It is all Silver glitter and bling to its core.

1. The Lipstick packaging glitter is coarse to the eye  but the body is absolutely smooth to touch. There is a pretty rose gold ring in the center with MAC inscribed on it in rose gold as well. Once the cap is removed, the body of the lipstick is in champagne gold colour with Mariah Carey’s signature on it. Once again after you roll out the lipstick you will notice her signature butterfly print on the lipstick itself. The lipstick as a whole is so impressive that it is worth to have one in your collection.

2. The Lipglass has a clear body to show the colour of the gloss and silver glitter cover. It also has Mariah Carey’s signature on the body with MAC inscribed on it as well.

3. The Loose powder box is beautiful. I really wanted to buy that but resisted myself. It is an impressive piece to be placed on your vanity though. The loose powder box comes in a gold champagne box. The outer cover of the box  completely covers the box. The outer cover of the box is studded with silver smooth glitter with Mariah’s signature and MAC inscribed on the top in gold. Inside the box you will find a loose powder in rose gold colour with a dabbing applicator. The colour is magnificent and it will best highlight your collar bones. It can also be use as a highlight on the face and as an eyeshadow. I feel the colour would flatter medium tan to deeper skin tones.

4. The makeup brushes in this collection also come with a smooth silver glitter body. They look absolutely stunning but as per many who have reviewed these haven’t found them useful enough.

5. The eyeshadow palettes come in a square shaped box with four eyeshadows in it. The box is in a champagne gold base. The eyeshadow has a clear glass cover with a  silver glitter border. I personally am not a big fan of MAC eyeshadows. There are many brands in the market that have better quality and colour range of eyeshadow. However, since these eyeshadow colours are similar to the one’s that Mariah would wear, it is indeed good to have one of them in your collection.

6. The eyelashes and eyeliner were a new addition to the MAC collection in genral. I did not find the need to buy them so I skipped these.

7. The highlighter in the collection called My Mimi has a stunning packaging. It comes in a champagne gold base with a clear plastic cover having Mariah Carey’s signature and MAC written over it in gold. The main attraction is that the highlighter itself is Mariah’s face embossed on it. I skipped a heartbeat when I saw this highlighter. I knew I needed this in my life.


My Cart:

The collection had many things to offer. I purchased a few as per necessity and financial constraints. The items I absolutely needed in my life from this collection are as below:

1.  Lipstick – As I have already mentioned above, my trump card to buy these lipsticks was not the colour but the packaging. I managed to pick up colours that would still be wearable with a gloss. The colours I picked up are Mcizzle (a peach and pink colour) and All I want (a champagne shimmer colour). These lipsticks on their own look awful on my skin tone but with a gloss they are bomb.





MAC Mariah Carey Mcizzle Lipstick with pink lip liner


MAC Mariah Carey Lipstick in All I want with a pink lip liner
MAC Mariah Carey Lipstick in Mcizzle and All I want topped with Colourpop lip gloss in Finder’s Keepers

2. Extra Dimension skin finish – I had to purchase the extra dimension skin finish in My Mimi. This was it. This was where my life could stop. This is a highlighter with a beautiful warm gold shimmer. It will be dark for pale or lighter skin tones to use as a highlighter. This would be the best highlighter for Indian skin tones, tan, medium or deeper skin tones. I absolutely adore my quick decision to have added this to my cart. It has been out of stock ever since its release. Keep a close watch guys and grab this beauty at the first opportunity.


MAC Mariah Carey skin finish in My Mimi

Where to buy:

1.  www.amazon.com

MAC Mariah Carey Lipstick ~ 0.1 oz (BIT OF BUBBLY)


MAC Mariah Carey Lipstick ~ 0.1 oz (I Get So OOC)


MAC Mariah Carey Lipstick ~ 0.1 oz (MCIZZLE)


Mac X Mariah Lipstick Bundle | Set of 5




2. www.shipoutfromusa.com (buy these mac products online USA and ship them through ship out from USA. You will just need to pay minimal shipping charges and duty)

3. www.macosmetics.com

My overall opinion on these products is GO FOR IT. It is one of the best collaborations MAC has ever come up with. Superb and worth all the bling. I love it and I am sure there will not be a single woman in this Universe who will not admire the packaging of these products. I’ll leave you to admire these beauties, see you in my next post. Till then, Keep smiling and God bless.

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