Hello Kitty and Colourpop Collection

“Come come Kitty Kitty
You’re so pretty pretty
Don’t go Kitty Kitty
Stay with me… Hello Kitty hello Kitty..” song by Avril Lavigne.

This Hello kitty song was influenced by Avril Lavigne’s obsession with all things related to the Japanese pop icon Hello Kitty. Colourpop and Sanrio took it one step ahead in teaming up for a huge collaboration to celebrate the 40th birthday of the famous Hello Kitty pop icon. The Brands released a Hello Kitty and Colourpop collaboration beauty line of eye shadows, lipsticks and face products inspired by the iconic character on November 1st 2016. A major change in the packaging design was seen in the marketing and pre – launch promos. This got a lot of people queued up for the release.

Their collaboration included three lippie stix, three Ultra Satin lipsticks, one matte lipstick, seven eye shadows (4 eye shadows in one kit, three in another), one blush, one highlighter, one Metallic lipstick and three glosses. They released a cute limited edition Hello Kitty x Colourpop makeup bag with this collection. The collection is all blue, red and white, completely rocks the pop icon’s style.

The most fascinating aspect of this release was a slight change in design from the usual in the packaging. It had the Hello Kitty bow imprinted all over on the cap of the lipstick. The bows were all over the outer packing of the eye shadows in which they came. The outer packaging of  the products in this range are in blue and red as against the normal Colourpop packaging. It definitely looks stunning and awesome to be added into your collection.


My Cart:

I desperately wanted one item from the collection. I got the Ultra Satin Lipstick in Lock Diary. As described already the lipstick comes in a blue and red outer package on which its printed Colourpop x Hello Kitty Ultra Satin Lips, with Hello Kitty bows imprinted all over the packaging. The tube in which the product comes in is the usual Colourpop bottle, only that the cap has all the Hello kitty bows imprinted on it as well.


The colour described by Colourpop is a deep fuchsia color. On my Indian skin tone (Mac NC 44.5) it looks very pretty. Sure it will compliment any skin tone. I don’t have an inclination towards pink lipsticks. This one looks fabulous. Totally recommend this to anyone and everyone. One for the colour and second for the Ultra satin effect such that it doesn’t dry out completely and moisturizes your lips.


Tip: Use a lip scrub first to scrub your lips to avoid extreme drying. 

My Skin type: Dry to combination

Foundation: MAC NC 44.5

Where to buy from:

      1. www.colourpop.com ($6 liquid lipstick cost +shipping+customs)
      2. www.shipoutfromusa.com (buy from colourpop to virtual address provided by this website + shipping charges + customs).
      3. www.beautytales.co.in (Rs.720 for liquid lipsticks – genuine stuff- based in Chennai)
      4. . www.amazon.in

I loved what the collaboration had done for all of us. The packaging, colour, everything was beautiful. Worth having a  few in your collection. I am waiting for the Ultra Matte lipstick in this collection, Ribbon,  to be available as a single. A little birdy said that it is already out as a single from today 13th December 2016. So, pretty people, while you read this and decide to splurge your money on this collection, I’ll see you in my  next post till then  LIVE YOUR DREAMS AND KEEP SMILING….

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