Kylie Lip Kits – Hype or Hit

“Luxury is a state of mind.”

                                – L’Wren Scott (American stylist and Fashion Designer 1964-2014)

I too got a bit luxurious recently and tempted myself into buying the  Kylie Lip kits. As a matter of fact I got carried away by all the hype and decided to try them. Being an Indian with a dusky skin tone, my scepticism was valid. I had to get my hands on these to know the veracity of these lip kits. And alas, one day they reached my doorstep and thus my story begins.



Brand Brewing:

Firstly, lets talk about the brand. Kylie cosmetics is the brainchild of Kylie Jenner. She is an American reality television personality, socialite, singer, designer and model. She soon grew to fame after appearing in the television reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. In 2015 Kylie Jenner started her own personal brand of lipsticks, eye liners and eyeshadows under the name Kylie cosmetics. She has been constantly releasing new lip kits since then. Some of her early hits were Koko K, Candy K, Posie K and Mary Jo K.


My Cart:

Kylie Lip kits are indeed impressive from the time you receive your package. The packaging of the parcel itself will make you feel special with her name etched in the box itself. The parcel comes well packed with foam packing and a pretty thank you card that has a printed logo of her cosmetic line. The Lip Kits themselves come in an impressive packaging with her lip logo on the front. The open end of the kit depicts the name with the colour of the lip kit as the background. The bottle is a smart cylindrical bottle with a beautiful design that makes it look rich. I personally loved the design. There is a peculiar flowery-cakey scent to it which is strong and lingers on for a while on your lips. The colours are fantastic and I chose the one’s that would specifically suit my skin tone.


I finally got my hands on some of her old as well as new collection. On the website you can purchase both the lip kits and single liquid lipstick  or the lip liners separately (but only for a limited collection).




Posie K – I got Posie K as a matte single liquid lipstick. The colour as defined by her is a cool mid-tone berry. This colour on my skin tone looks perfect as a dusty pink. I love the pink hue it has, makes my lips look naturally pink. A good dupe for this one could be the Colourpop Matte Liquid Lipstick in Lumiere 2.



Ginger – Kylie released the summer shades in 2016 in three colours.  Out of which I purchased two, Ginger being one of them. Ginger is described by her as a warm terracotta brown. On me it is definitely my MLBB colour. I purchased Ginger as a single matte liquid lipstick.


Kristen – Kristen liquid lipstick is the other shade I purchased from the summer releases. I purchased this one as a complete lip kit. The liner is beautifully smooth and you can wear the liner on its own too. Kristen is described as a warm berry brown. I totally love this shade on me. If you know me by now from my previous posts, you would know my love for berry brown and terracotta shades of lipstick. However, the perfect dupe for this one is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Kathryn


Pumpkin – Kylie released her four new lip kits in her fall collection. Nevertheless I picked up Pumpkin Lip Kit. This shade is  described as a dirty mid tone orange. I am impressed how this shade looks on my skin tone. I was sceptical to wear orange lip shades but now I can totally sport one. The dupe in my collection for this one is the Colour Bar Rustic liquid lipstick.


Mary Jo K – I got Mary Jo K as I have very few red lipsticks in my collection. This one is from her earlier releases. She describes Mary Jo K as a true blue red. this definitely will look good on all skin tones. The perfect dupe for Mary Jo K  would be Colourpop Creeper matte liquid lipstick.



Tip: use a lip scrub to scrub your lips and then apply these lippies to avoid extreme drying.

My Skin type: Dry to combination

Foundation: MAC NC 44.5

Where to buy from:

  1. ($29 liquid lip kit & $17 for matte singles cost +shipping+customs)
  2. (buy from Kylie Cosmetics website to virtual address provided by this website + shipping charges + customs).
  3. (Rs.2800 for lip kits &  Rs 1850 for matte singles- genuine stuff- based in Chennai)
  4. (Rs 2300 onwards)

I bought these lipsticks with my own money and wish to buy more since they are incredible both in quality but also wearability and colours available in the market. I am impressed about everything about these liquid lipsticks and definitely they are a Hit for all the Hype they have created.  Catch you in my next exciting post, till then LIVE YOUR DREAMS AND KEEP SMILING….  

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