Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks

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  Thank you all for reading my posts. Thus I am here with yet another post. This one is a little different. This is also about a liquid lipstick brand,  the Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks. But, this is something I wanted to try before I could venture into deep waters. I heard a lot about these lipsticks and their formula that I really wanted to try one before I buy some from the range. Yes, I am aware that around the world fashionistas and makeup gurus have been going gaga about this product. Therefore, I was more attracted and excited to try one from the range.


Brand Brewing:

  Kat Von D is an American tattoo artist, musician, model, entrepreneur and TV personality. She launched her cosmetic line in 2008 called Kat Von D Beauty. The packaging and designing was curated by her personally with her unique graphics on the cosmetic range. All her cosmetic products are claimed to be vegan. However her lipsticks launches stole the limelight and since then have been rated as one of the top ten liquid lipstick hits in the beauty industry. She launched 29 shades of Liquid lipsticks till date. She also has a normal lipstick range known as The Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipstick, which I will talk about in my future blogs. Since I am on a spree with Liquid lipstick fetish let’s continue the post with these beauties.


I wanted to personally experience these pretty little things, so I went ahead and got myself Kat Vond D’s Lolita II. The new launch. Since you already know from my previous posts that I am a digger for Terracotta/ peach/ coral shades of lipsticks, I immediately shed a few bucks to buy Lolita II.

Product Description:

   The product comes in a sleek long plastic bottle with a transparent body showing the colour of the lipsticks. The cap of the bottle has beautiful graphics personally designed by Kat Von D herself that is uniform throughout her collection. It has a simple, yet regular doe foot applicator that helps in easy application of the product. The lipsticks can be purchased directly from her site or from Sephora. The formula on these lipsticks are to die for. The formula is very light, full coverage, single application, good wearing time of 6 to 8 hours, brilliant colour payoff and is 100% cruelty free as claimed by Kat Von D.


  The colour of the Kat Von D’s Lolita is a terracotta nude as described by her. This is a very wearable colour. My skin tone is a MAC NC 44.5. On my skin tone this lipstick looks like a perfect nude terracotta with coral undertones. It brightens up my skin tone and I can wear it on a daily basis as it looks very natural. Overall I love this shade and would recommend to anyone who wishes to buy Kat Von D’s Lolita II liquid lipstick.



Tip: use a lip scrub to scrub your lips and then apply these lippies to avoid extreme drying.

My Skin type: Dry to combination

Foundation: MAC NC 44.5

Where to buy from:

      1. www.katvondbeauty.com ($20 liquid lipstick cost +shipping+customs)
      2. www.shipoutfromusa.com (buy from Kat Von D website to virtual address provided by this website + shipping charges + customs).
      3. www.beautytales.co.in (Rs.1950 for liquid lipsticks – genuine stuff- based in Chennai)
      4. www.sephora.com ($20+ shipping through ShipOutFromUSA)
      5. www.amazon.in 

I bought this lipstick with my own money and wish to buy more since they are incredible both in quality but also wearability and colours available in the market. So thank you girlies if you like this post please comment and let me know which colour are a must have in this brand for my skin tone. Will catch you in my next exciting post, till then LIVE YOUR DREAMS AND KEEP SMILING….  


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