Colourpop Ultra Satin Lips

“A man who limits his interest,

Limits his life…”

– Vincent Price (American Actor 1911-1993)


So have I, created a limitless array of interests to blog and share, to this world that has like minded people. Its indeed fascinating to know how many people, your thoughts penned into words, reach out to. Especially in the world of fashion and makeup, where age has no limits and its a beguiling topic to fend yourself with.

So taking to from where i had left, i thread these thoughts to review and swatch Colourpop Ultra Satin Lips. I am sure a lot of you out there must have tried these liquid lipsticks, but to the one’s who have yet to tread these waters, TRY THEM….



They are one of the best liquid lipstick formulae Colourpop offers. They aren’t the matte kinds that completely dry up on your lips like the Colourpop Ultra matte lips, but they are smooth, not tacky, easily removable and definitely transfer.

Well I love this formula too, as I am a big fan of Colourpop as a whole, both because of the cost and quality aspects. The colours offered in this range are very distinct and devised for all skin types. Just to bear in mind I am a NC44.5 in MAC, to give you a fair idea or bench mark as to how it may look on your skin tone.

cus1         swatches

I got in all 4 colours to try the formula. These colours are:

  1. Echo Park
  2. Frick n Frack
  3. Toolips
  4. Lyin King

The swatches of these colours with individual review can be found below

Echo Park  – Echo park is described by Colourpop as a warm peachy nude. This colour is slightly light for my skin tone. But I can pair this with a dark lip liner whenever i decide to flaunt this hotness.

       cus_echopark1                 cus_echopark

Frick n Frack Image result for heart clipart – This is my favourite colour and it looks so beautiful on my skin tone. It is described as a rosy terracotta. I am a sucker for terracotta shades of lipstick and this one proudly sits in my collection.

cus_fricknfrack            cus_fricknfeack1


Toolips – A deepened plum brown, this colour will look good on all skin tones and especially all Indian skin tones. Its a dark colour that looks almost brown but with plum undertones.

cus_toolips          cus_toolips1


Lyin King Image result for heart clipart – When Colourpop described this lipstick as a saturated raspberry colour i just blindly picked this up. I love these dark raspberry shades similar to Gorgeous from Milani (brighter than Lyin King however). They incredibly complement Indian skin tones and instantly brightens up your face. Its a charmer.

cus_lyinking1     cus_lyinking    cus_lyinking2


The liquid lipstick comes in an impressive sturdy plastic bottle with a metal cap. There is a doe foot applicator that helps in easy application of the product on the lips. Some of them have a very liquidy consistency and some are moussy. But that doesn’t affect the quality and result of the lipstick on your lips. Its fabulous the minute your adorn them.

My Skin type: Dry to combination

Foundation: MAC NC 44.5

Where to buy from:

  1. ($6 liquid lipstick cost +shipping+customs)
  2. (buy from colourpop to virtual address provided by this website + shipping charges + customs).
  3. (Rs.720 for liquid lipsticks – genuine stuff- based in Chennai)

Well these liquid lipsticks made me crave for more and yes more are coming. Just for me to feel good and just for you to decide or see which one looks good on you or share your lipsticks craziness with me in the comments below. do suggest if there are any more shades that I can pick up apart from these. LIVE YOUR DREAMS AND KEEP SMILING…

P.S. I have bought these Colourpop Ultra Satin lipsticks with my own money as this is my hobby and am a crazy hoarder of lipsticks.

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