Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips

“When there is a start to be made,

Don’t step over,

Start where you are.”

– Edgar Cayce ( American Christian Mystic)

   Thus I start my new life blogging about things I like, things i do and things I thrive on. It really amuses me how thoughts penned into words can portray your lifestyle. My lifestyle simply speaks about what every woman wants and  loves in her life, that she wants to brag about. So today I begin my my journey by blogging about something I love, am crazy about and yes I hoard eclectic combination of these beauties secretly in my closet…. Lipsticks. A big shout out to all the lipstick fanatics out there and seriously I do understand having as many of them is not enough.


   Lets start with my latest embellishments in my line of lipsticks – Liquid lipsticks and my present favorites being Colourpop. Being from India its difficult to directly order Colourpop in India. Its either a bargain when you have someone in the US buy these for you and send them to you OR luckily find yourself holidaying in America that you get your hands on these (online) beauties OR directly order them from the website to India and pay heavily on customs. BUT.. I found a better alternative to buy these lipsticks in India and I will soon be sharing my experience to all of you in my next blog.


I ended up buying seven ultra matte lipsticks, not much but the one’s that suite my skin tone. For your reference I am NC44.5 in MAC.

Brand brewing:

   Colourpop in an online American cosmetic brand that sells Ultra Matte lipsticks, Ultra satin lipsticks, eye shadows, blushes and highlighters. Their Ultra matte lipsticks have a stay time of about 6 to 8 hours and wear off from the center if you eat greasy food (yes they wear off fast, my gurlies we are Indians and we are proud we “eat” greasy food). The Ultra Matte lipsticks we are talking about today come in a beautiful packaging comprising of a plastic see through bottle that shows you the colour of the lippie with a metal top. It has a doe foot applicator that helps for easy application. Oh ya and the best part – “They are Kiss proof”.

The colours I purchased are as mentioned below with the colour description.







How it looks on me:

Beeper – this beauty is described by Colourpop as a warm mid – tone taupe. For my skin tone this is a perfect nude and I love flaunting them with a dark eyeshadow look.


Bumble Image result for heart clipart – Colourpop describes this colour as a dusty warm terracotta and yes it is a terracotta peachy pink colour and my favourite. This will suite any skin tone.


Tulle Image result for heart clipart – Colourpop calls it a dusty mauve burgundy and yes on my skin tone it looks like a mauve brown shade and its beautiful when it dries down.



Bad Habit Image result for heart clipart– Its described as a dusty mauve pink and i like this one too. I don’t like pinks a lot but this one caught my attention.



Scrooge – Scrooge is a similar colour to Bad habit and a limited edition. But I love it too. But is more pinkier and Bad habit is a little on a mave side.



More BetterImage result for heart clipart – Described as a deep violet wine shade it completely flatters my skin tone and i think its a universal flattering shade Love it.


Avenue Image result for heart clipart – AAAh what a shade. This one is one of the best reds in my collection that brightens my skin tone beautifully. Colourpop makes no mistake when they call it a deep yellow red shade.



Tip: use a lip scrub to scrub your lips and then apply these lippies to avoid extreme drying.

My Skin type: Dry to combination

Foundation: MAC NC 44.5

Where to buy from:

      1. ($6 liquid lipstick cost +shipping+customs)
      2. (buy from colourpop to virtual address provided by this website + shipping charges + customs).
      3. (Rs.720 for liquid lipsticks – genuine stuff- based in Chennai)
      4. . (few of the above)

I know my story with Colourpop and Ultra matte does not end here and there will be many more just because there is no end to a woman’s binging on her fantasies, so, Ladies I will see you next time with yet another madness of colours and lipsticks from my Pandora’s box. Till then LIVE YOUR DREAMS AND KEEP SMILING….

P.S. All the liquid lipsticks are applied on bare lips without lip liner. These are my thoughts and lipsticks bought from my own hard earned bucks.

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